Christ Towers Junior School-Uganda

Christ Towers Junior School Kiboga,

1. Project Location- Kiboga District:

Kiboga District is located along Kampala Hoima High way, and is a home of many hectares of artificial forests. It is along the route toward MarchsonFalls National game Park, giving a great chance for any volunteers heading to see wild game tracking .It is covered by goo vegetation but with few tarmac roads. Majority of in land roads are mar rum so a bit dusty during the dry season. Kiboga is a place for business especially in agriculture and livestock bringing an inflow of visitors all over the year. It is served with a regional referral Hospital, with good facility and with a 24 hr ambulance. The District hospital also gets a number of international Volunteers through the year, so an opportunity to catch up with the place with old and new international volunteers. The District has a multicultural environment and also rich in religious heritages.



1. Early Child hood/Nursery Teaching and play
2. Core Curriculum Teaching –Lower Primary
3. School Aid program and Carpentry
4. School Food Bank and gardens
5. Physical Education development
6. Sports and Fitness
7. Music Dance and early Drama.

8. Fund raising and web programs
9. Home economics and cook working
10. Family Reach out and resourcing.

Program Details: Programs Purpose Age Number Of students Duties of Volunteers Hours Facilities Early Child hood/Nursery Teaching and play Offering Early education achievements for Primary education readiness. 3-5 35 Teaching core concepts in ECE, Learning games of low organization 4hrs per day for five days a week Class rooms Core Curriculum Teaching –Lower Primary Primary education

For volunteering wanting to spend their Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in religious refreshments, they will find a good experience. Good Police system and in case of security concerns, the district patrols are 24 hours active. Kiboga has very clear telephone network and internet connection.

2. School Project Description: Christ Towers Junior School is located just in the heart of this city-Kiboga. As you enter Kiboga, you begin with the District Administration Offices and the Kiboga Prisons. Opposite the District Offices is Kiboga Mityan Road and our School is located a walk distance of 900 meters, and on you left is the school Sign post and a road leading you to the school compound.

The School is located strategically to reach out to children of many single women and disadvantaged groups who cannot afford main stream municipal education. Being near the eye of the Municipality makes volunteering even much easier because there is a great option for a number of facilities, Hotels, bar, church, social fellowship, karaoke, and access to a high way to big cities.

So volunteering with our project will never be a strain to anyone wishing to give us a hand

3. Programmers 1. Early Child hood/Nursery Teaching and play 2. Core Curriculum Teaching –Lower Primary  teaching and learning 5-7 80 but 4 different classes -Schemes -Lesson planning -Teaching Week duty assignments 5hrsMorning and 3hrs afternoon, for five days a week indoor Class rooms.

School Aid program and Carpentry Developing school own furniture 6+ 60 -Fitting benches, Desks, and Shelves 3 hrs for 2 days a week Timber and carpentry tools.

School Food Bank and gardens,

Developing school own food systems 6+ -Gardening teaching -Demonstration -storage farms- 3 hrs for 3 days a week hired Gardens.

Sports and Fitness Children sports talent building 5 houses, but in different groups Sports training Sports competition, etc. 1 a half hrs a day for 3 days a week.

Field Music Dance and early Drama. Development of pshychomotor skills and cultural enhancement 6+ Different groups -Train music -Train dance _train instrumental -Training appreciation 2 hrs for 3 days a week. Rattles, and local materials.

For More details, please contact Katusiime Scovia,  on

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